Setting up MangoPay is mandatory to ensure the completeness of your profile and enable our platform to validate your account. This step also allows us to securely encode your data within MangoPay, our payment service provider, ensuring smooth invoicing and payments.

Note: We do not store your identification documents. Your KYC documents are securely and exclusively stored by MangoPay. You can access MangoPay’s Terms and Conditions here.

Ensure that your profile, including MangoPay setup, is complete and validated by our platform. Once your profile is validated and your availabilities are up to date, you can freely browse job opportunities that match your profile. Note that all modifications to skills or experiences after platform validation require revalidation by platform admin.

Please note that all KYC modifications require validation from both admin and MangoPay.

Mango Pay is an authorized Electronic Money Institution (EMI). It holds e-wallets for users, in which funds are securely stored within the Mango Pay environment. A wallet can be utilized for the following purposes:

    Making payments to a wallet (Pay-in).

    Transferring funds from one wallet to another (Transfer).

    Withdrawing funds from a wallet to a bank account (Pay-out).

After generating an invoice for an ongoing job, both the administrator and the client need to validate the invoice. Once the invoice is validated, the client makes a payment into their MangoPay e-wallet. MangoPay then transfers the payment from the client’s e-wallet to the consultant’s e-wallet, withholding WPYIT fees in the process, and transferring them to our e-wallet. Subsequently, the consultant can request a payout to withdraw funds from their e-wallet and initiate a transfer to their bank account.

NB: WPYiT takes charge of service payment fees (MangoPay).

The payout process can be initiated directly from the platform by navigating to the following path: Profile > Legal Setup > Wallets > Pay Out.

The fees of WPYIT are only charged once the client has made a payment for your consulting services. The agreed service fees percentage is withheld from your consulting fees. There is no upfront fee to be paid and no impact on your treasury.

You can access WPYiT’s Price Schedule here.


The importance levels on our platform serve as a numeric representation (ranging from 0 to 100%) indicating how crucial a particular skill is for our client.

This means that the more a client considers a skill important, the more selective the process becomes. It prioritizes consultants who possess the required skill while eliminating those who don’t.

The more precise and coherent their skill set, the greater the chance of matching with a job offer, and the higher the visibility.

To boost confidence levels, consultants can provide supporting evidence or proof of their skills.

After exchanging information and once a proposal is accepted, both the consultant and the client mutually decide on who will upload the contract. A central admin validation is also required. Once all parties have approved the contract, Client and Consultant need to upload a signed version of the contract.

Before uploading the contract, both parties are required to complete the contract details on the platform. This ensures that all necessary information is provided and agreed upon before formalizing the contract. Be careful and check contract details, these data will be later used to produce invoice and they cannot be changed after contract signature.

Either the consultant or the client can initiate the contract details on the platform. It’s a collaborative process where both parties can access the input screen and contribute to populating necessary fields.

Once all fields are complete both contractual parties need to approve.

Change is no longer possible once this is done. Should significant changes be required, it would then be necessary to make a new offer and go through the contracting process from the start.

The contract details include essential information such as legal information, deliverables, timelines, payment terms, and any specific terms and conditions relevant to the engagement.

This information helps in creating a comprehensive and transparent agreement.

Your bank account data are not kept by WPYIT. We prioritize the security of your information, and all banking details are transmitted to Mangopay, a Luxembourg based, trusted and regulated payment service provider.

To complete the KYC process, you need to provide the following documents:

For individuals:

Identity Proof: A valid document verifying your identity.

For businesses:

Identity Proof for Authorized Representative: A valid document verifying the identity of the authorized representative.

Registration Proof: Documentation confirming the registration status of the company.

Articles of Association: Official documents outlining the company’s rules and regulations.

Shareholders Declaration: This document provides information about the individuals’ holdings in the company.

To complete the Shareholders Declaration provided by MangoPay, follow these steps:

 Download and Open:

    Download the Shareholders Declaration and open it with Acrobat Reader or similar software. Avoid using your Internet Browser for this step.

 Fill Out the Form:

    Complete the form, ensuring you include the date and your signature (digital).

Upload the Completed Document:

    After filling out the form, upload the completed Shareholders Declaration to the designated platform.

Submitting your KYC documents is a crucial step for MangoPay setup. It helps verify your identity and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, creating a secure and trustworthy environment for financial transactions.



Please make sure your document is readable, completed, signed and doesn’t contain any stamp. Check MangoPay document validity criteria here.

WYPIT deducts its commission directly from the consulting fees paid by the client, ensuring our interests are aligned. Regarding pricing details, please refer to this link.

Completing the contract details screen beforehand ensures that both parties are on the same page regarding the terms of the engagement. It helps avoid misunderstandings and promotes a clear understanding of expectations. In addition, many data are prerequisites to producing an invoice.

Following the approval and signing of the contract by both parties, any modification to the contract details will necessitate mutual agreement and validation.

This process ensures that changes are acknowledged and accepted by both the consultant and the client.

If adjustments are needed, it is recommended to initiate a new proposal after the contract has been formally approved and signed by both parties.

In case of disagreements, it is recommended to communicate openly and try to reach a consensus.

If needed, WYiT may provide mediation or dispute resolution support to ensure a fair and transparent resolution.

While there is no strict timeline, it is recommended for both parties to complete the contract details, approval, and signing in a timely manner to avoid delays in project start.

No work can normally start without a proper legal arrangement in place.

Timely completion facilitates a smooth transition to the next steps of the engagement.

For any question or concern, feel free to reach out to our support team on our real time messaging system or by email at Customer@wpyit.com. We are here to assist and ensure a seamless experience for both consultants and clients.


Contract Details Completion:

    Both the consultant and the client initiate the contracting process by providing essential contract details on the platform. This includes specifying project scope, deliverables, timelines, and other relevant terms.

Contract Upload and Approval:

    After completing the contract details, either party can upload the contract onto the platform. Subsequently, both parties review the uploaded contract. If satisfied, they individually click on the “Approve” button on the platform, signaling their agreement. This step ensures mutual approval before further validation.

Admin Validation:

    Once both parties have approved the contract, the platform’s admin steps in to validate the contract. Admin validation acts as an additional layer of assurance for the contracting process.

Contract Signing:

    After admin validation, the final step involves both parties signing the contract. This formalizes the agreement and demonstrates the commitment of both parties to the terms outlined in the contract.

In line with contractual arrangements, consultants must raise invoices directly through the platform.
The consultant’s invoice goes through a two-step process.

First, it is validated by WPYIT. Once approved, the invoice is then sent to the client for validation and payment.

WPYIT validation ensures accuracy and compliance with platform policies, providing an additional layer of assurance in the invoicing process.

WPYIT issues its fees invoice to consultants automatically, enhancing efficiency and ensuring transparency in financial transactions.

The invoice is raised when the Client settles the invoice.

Yes, consultants can track the status of their invoices, from creation to client payment, all within the platform.

In case of any issue, you can reach out to our support team for assistance on our real time messaging system or by email at Customer@wpyit.com .

If you haven’t received your email confirmation, please check your spam or junk folder.

Setting up your MangoPay account is a prerequisite to contracting through our platform and a “must have” requirement for receiving payments through the platform.

As a client, setting up your MangoPay account is a requirement to process payments through the platform.