Our solution - Intelligent digital platform

Lots of business opportunities

The [We Put You in Touch] platform will be the #1 source of new, exciting business opportunities for consultants.


Clients can search for profiles that match their project needs directly in the search engine or…

Clients post the job details (start & end date, location, on-site/remote, sector, skills needed, role, budget range, conditions etc.) and consultants apply directly.

Resource-opportunity matching is simplified through our intelligent digital platform… No more need to approach dozens of clients before finding the right opportunity!

Direct benefits for the clients

Clients have access to a wider pool of experienced resources, where data on consultant profile and experience have been checked.


Elapsed time from initial expression of needs to consultant onboarding is drastically reduced.


The platform simplifies RfP issuance, negotiation, contracting, and reporting.


Price and services and all-in and transparent (no surprise!).


The company improves its visibility among freelancers.

Collaborative community of consultants

The [We Put You in Touch] platform is not just about business…


It’s a hub where like-minded professionals can expand their network, share their knowledge and build new relationships.


We encourage consultants to collaborate and support each other, including by teaming up for joint service offers. 


Registered consultants can request an external assessment of their skills by a validated expert on the platform. This benefits both parties and helps clients in their profile selection.

Administration & invoicing

We take care of tedious tasks: contracting, invoicing, payments… Clients and consultants can simply focus on their core business.


Our document management interface makes it easy for consultants and clients to access all their legal and administrative documents:

  • All contracts and invoices are centralized,

  • Payments are processed by our Payment Service Provider, MangoPay,

Reporting & Analytics tools give clients and consultants up-to-date useful insights.

Simple and fair remuneration

Our model aims at ensuring that:

  • Buyers/clients pay the right price, 
  • Freelance consultants improve their net intake,
  • Our services are fairly remunerated.
Being a service platform and not a consulting firm, our margins will be contained and transparent.
Our commission fees are directly deducted from the consulting fees paid by the client, so that our interests are aligned.
For more information on legal arrangements and pricing please refer to our GTCs